Celebrating 40 Years of Remarkable Services

Celebrating 40 Years of Remarkable Services

Champion Commercial Heating and Cooling
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About Us

Champion Mechanical and Automation was established in 1986, approaching 40 years of service in Central and North Alabama. Our goal is to provide a product of the highest quality for our customers; on-time, at a competitive cost, and utilizing highly trained and experienced technicians. Champion technicians average 15 years with the Company and 20+ years of experience in commercial and industrial HVAC.

Our Vision

Champion Mechanical & Automation is dedicated to growth by constantly striving to be the most efficient and highly regarded HVAC service provider in our area. We will achieve this by earning the loyalty of our customers and our team.

Our Mission

To deliver superior services from repair through installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial HVAC and Building Automation. We accomplish this through our team of trained technicians, their dedication, experience, broad-based knowledge, and our superior response time.

The Don'ts

We don't send inexperienced techs (rookies) to any job without a senior technician at the job site,

We don't leave the job until all discarded trash, and worn parts are removed, and

We don't site "up-sale". We get approval for any work and its cost prior to beginning work.

Who We Are

At Champion Mechanical & Automation, we have experienced licensed professionals who are focused on providing quality solutions for our customers. Each program, recommendation, or project is presented to help you control budgets, enhance heating and cooling efficiencies, improve comfort, maintain indoor air quality and protect the investment you have in these systems. Most of the time, the energy savings from these systems over the long haul offset the cost of upgrading.

Our approach includes a complete survey of your business, a review of operating procedures, and an evaluation of costs related to heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. We work with you to find the best solutions to your concerns.

Contact us today to schedule a building review and discuss our capabilities and a possible plan to help you achieve energy savings.

Champion Commercial Heating and Cooling
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Why Us?

Champion Mechanical & Automation is a leading Commercial/Industrial HVAC contractor serving all of central and northern Alabama. Our technicians average 20+ years of tenure experience in the industry and 15+ years of experience with Champion Mechanical & Automation. Our technicians are paid no incentives for sales of equipment or repair jobs.

Champion Mechanical & Automation provides service and installation of all brands and types of equipment, from chillers to mini split systems, as well as most Energy Management systems.